Meet the Team

Hello my name is Thommy. At the ripe old age of 8, I watched my father draw and re-draw the letter "L" late into the night. He was meticulously creating a logo for his business, Long's Handyman Service. I was in awe.

I became obsessed with typefaces, letterforms, and design in general. Let's just say I have always known what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Art Academy of Cincinnati | 1998 | BFA in Graphic Design

My name is Allison, I've always had a passion for art and design ever since I was a young gal copying various typefaces I'd find in my textbooks.

However, it wasn't until college and the viewing of the documentary, Helvetica, did I discover my true calling.

Xavier University | 2015 | BA in Graphic Design, Advertising, and Marketing.

Jen here! I've been drawing and painting all my life since I can remember! As a child you found me coloring & doodling on everything. High school I was in the art room or band room. College... drawing in the park. And now I get to create brand identities through each client's individual story; and that's what drives me each and every day.

Columbus College of Art & Design | 2009 | BFA in Graphic Design

Hi there, my name is Israel, but you can call me Izz.

I live for being creative. If it can be made, I want in on the process. I enjoy many creative outlets, but my favorites are design and photography.

The Art Institute of Ohio - Cincinnati | 2016 | BFA in Graphic Design

Hi everyone! I'm Lilly and my adventures with design started when I was a 9-year-old starting pretend companies with the help of my parent's computer. Sadly, none of my companies made it big, but I found my favorite parts were crafting the ideas, creating the business cards, and designing brochures. I quickly realized that the business end wasn't for me and creating and developing the companies' stories were my true calling.

Today, my 9-year-old self would be proud. I'm getting to relive my favorite parts of my pee-wee start ups everyday by creating elements to grow successful (real) companies.

University of Cincinnati, 2018, Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design

Hello, my name is Hannah, and no, I am not from Montana.

As CBO, I protect the studio from squirrels and greet all the Amazon people delivering Allison's daily packages.

I am also responsible for cleaning up any food that hits the floor and letting everyone know they can totally throw that ball across the studio.

No, seriously, throw the damn ball.