Fitton Center for Creative Arts

In Early 2015, Fitton Center came to us with a design emergency. They needed over 30 show posters for their 2015 Season Launch Party. The catch…they needed them in a couple of days. 

After delivering killer posters and putting out their fire, our relationship went to the next level. We now provide all creative for the Center and love every minute of it.


Winters Edge

The Fitton Center needed an identity for a winter concert series called Winters Edge. With a name like that, we knew we wanted the identity to capture rock ’n roll and cold weather. We also needed a logo that was family friendly and would attract fans of all ages. The idea of a yeti worked perfectly for the series. We wrote the tagline “Are You Yeti to Rock?”, and extended the brand into many different assets including signage, posters, and merchandise.