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A Picture Truly is Worth a Thousand Words

At LemonGrenade Creative, we believe amazing graphic design has the power to tell amazing stories. If a picture is worth a thousand words, our design talks volumes. What story can we tell for you?

LemonGrenade Creative was the brainchild of Thommy Long, an Art Academy of Cincinnati graduate. He wanted to create a design studio for the masses: accessible, friendly, and able to drive results. You'll find all of that here at LemonGrenade Creative.


For all your graphic design and branding needs, we have you covered. Our sweet spot is creative development on everything from logo systems to advertising campaigns to sales materials and everything in between. For other integrated marketing services, our expanded team also gives us the ability to develop and share client stories with those whom you desire to reach most. Specialties include:

  • Strategic Planning: determining your organization’s strengths and how to best leverage them
  • Content Development: building the platform to tell your story, from ad and brochure copy to press releases and social media posts
  • Social Media and Digital: maximizing the positive impact of the growing digital space, from full social media campaigns to web site development

Call today and let us tackle your full integrated marketing challenges.


With LemonGrenade Creative, you'll work directly with the people who make it all happen. There are no layers of account executives to sift through. No red tape. Just great dialogue to get you exactly what you need. We'll work together to get the job done. And, we think that makes for a better end product and better results. Are you ready to create together?